We offer Mig/Tig, spot and arc welding for applications such as precision welding of seams on chassis fabrications, high quality stainless steel welding and welding for medium fabrications.


We offer welding primarily on :

Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Although under special conditions we will carry out welding on brass, bronze, copper, and carbon steels.

Custom Jigs

Work can be carried out with jigs supplied by the customer although we are equally happy to make our own jig work to support your requirements.

Weld Types

Our skilled engineers are experienced with the following types of weld:

Seam Welding
Fillet Welding
Groove Welding
Backing Welds
Melt Through Welds
Surfacing Welds
Flange Welds
Spot Welds
Resistance Welding
Projection Welding
Flash/Upset Welding

Precision Welding

We have considerable experience with precision welding on thin gauge sheet metal as well as perforated sheet and mesh for small components, stainless steel items and aluminium. All work is carried out to the highest standards and ground smooth where a paint or plated finish is to required.

Heavy Welding

Plate upto 18mm can be welded in our workshop. We accept all work upto 300kg.


If you need a quotation for welding of any nature please feel free to call.