Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

We operate a Prima Platino 1530 CNC CO2 3000W Laser Cutter equipped with an automatic pallet changer and a work bed of:

X: 3000mm
Y: 1500mm
Z: 150mm

This provides us with the capacity to cut complex laser profiles quickly with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Component thickness is dependent on the material:

Mild Steel: 16mm
Stainless Steel: 8mm
Aluminium: 5mm
We accept DXF files as well as drawings and sketches. Our inhouse design engineer is available to discuss your requirements and is fully qualified in both the use of our CAD/CAM systems and the Platino 1350.


The CNC laser cutting system not only allows us to fulfill our own sheet metal cutting requirements, but it also means we can extend the versatility of the system to existing and new customers who might wish to modify their own component designs to address existing limitations brought about through traditional punching and nibbling operations and incorporate new features specific to the process of laser cutting. As well as cutting profiles, forming holes and carrying out the work of a guillotine the laser cutter can undertake etching, slotting, gear cutting, keywaying and cut fine features, as well as be used for forming logos and images.

Large Capacity

The 3m x 1.5m cutting bed of the Prima Platino 1530, which is larger than most CNC laser cutting systems allows us to use larger sheet sizes, which, combined with automated nesting means that material costs are reduced for our customers. The oversized cutting bed also allows us to supply larger laser cut profiles than most other laser cutting companies, useful for architectural and retail applications.

High Speed

One of the primary features of the Platino CNC laser cutter is its speed. Equipped with flying optics moving at speeds of up to 140m/min, a high speed pallet changer and no manual adjustments required between material changes we are ideally suited to carry out high volume detailed profile work quickly.

Box Sections

The Platino also offers 150mm Z axis travel which allows us to make precision cuts in box section upto 150mm tall.


If you have a requirement for a laser cutting service, feel free to call us. We are happy to to provide quotations or supply you with prototype samples.