We have a large customer based which has been developed over the last 15 years covering most industrial sectors. The sections below detail some of the more typical markets we work for and the type of work we carry out.


We have several large customers in the retail industry that supply major UK supermarkets, department stores and petrol stations with a range of components from shelving and racking to architectural and structural sheet and plate metal work.

Aquatic Industry

For the last 7 years we have been fabricating thin gauge sheet metal clips, bulb holders and enclosures for use in tropical and freshwater aquariums and related water treatment systems. We also handle the powder coating which is carried out locally.


The heavy fabrication department of IDF Ltd has been fabricating mechanically functioning scissor lifts for MOD aircraft loading applications. The lifts are made from box sections which are welded and then assembled with hardened pins. The scissor lifts are complete apart from the hydraulic and electric components. The sections are finished with a zinc rich primer and wet finish top coat prior to delivery.

Manipulator Arms

A significant amount of our sheetmetal fabrication output caters for a local firm that make stainless steel manipulator arms for remote control robots. The work involves very high quality tig welding and assembly. The final manipulator arms which are equipped with a range of tools including finger grips, cutters and saws are fitted to underwater vehicles and robots used in radioactive environments.

Dock Levelers

We fabricate dock levelers used for unloading lorry loads in warehouse and supermarket environments. We make all the metal work including the main box construction and deck assembly, safety legs, lip plates and toes guards.


We fabricate components for homogenisers used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries including shafts, mixing heads, rotors and stators from stainless steel.

Kitchen & Catering Equipment

We have fitted out a number of restuarants and kitchens with stainless steel worktops, canopies, shelving, sinks and drawers systems, Offering a complete fabrication service for any commercial kitchen/restuarant environment.