We carry out fabrications in upto 300kg offering a complete service including finishing, assembly and delivery, catering for prototypes, one off specials and low to medium volume work. We have experience with a wide range of material forms including sheet metal, plate, tube, bar, angles, and box sections.

Stainless Steel

Most of our stainless steel work is for the food or pharmaceutical industries, including machinery, catering equipment and washroom facilities as well as fabrications for marine and retail applications. Some stainless steel work is fairly simple such as the rolling of profiles for the base of concrete stands on petrol station forecourts, whilst other work can be quite intricate such as the components we fabricate for miniature submersible vehicles.


Alot of our aluminium fabrications are destined for the electronics and computing industries, such as specialist enclosures, covers and heat sinks, as well as the food industry. We offer anodised coatings as part of the service for all aluminium where various states of electrical conductivity is required.

Mild Steel

Most of our fabrications are mild steel. One of the largest contracts we have handled was the provision of 120,000 fabricated brackets for a leading book warehouse facility. The fabrication in the top photo is a powder coated tube and plate machine support for outdoor use.

Heavy Metalwork

We work with plate upto 16mm fabricating a broad range of units from load bearing struts to concrete reinforement frames used in the entombing of radioactive waste as seen to the left.

Ancillary Services

In support of our primary activities we have a fully equipped toolroom with turning, milling, grinding and punching facilities.